October 2017

From our President, James Enright

To fellow Skålleagues everywhere…  

but particularly in DC.....

I want to take this opportunity to thank Gerry Gabrys, Rick Wayland along with Bruce Ward and Chef Russell Baratz at Guest Services, Inc. for the terrific Lobster Fest on September 20th. I think it was the best ever! The Lobster was wonderful and special thanks go to Eric Hotard for arranging the lobster supply and Bill Moyer for making it all happen. 

I also want to pay special tribute to the Skål Scholars-Mentorship Program lead by Bill Croke (Chairman) and his committee of Stuart Levy, Chris Seek and Niamh Tallon. This program began back in March/April and it is a credit to this committee that they exceeded all expectations and delivered what they set out to do. Three Skål Scholars graduated and also became Young Skål members in September. This was a great example of the Skål DC membership coming together to show these graduate students, from GWU, the different aspects of the Tourism Industry, so that they have a better understanding of the opportunities that lie ahead in their careers. Thank you Mentors and Hosts for your participation. Bill Croke and his committee plan to expand this program in 2017 and include more universities. SI USA and Skål International will also spread the word about the program and we are very hopeful that it will go national and maybe even international.  

Skål DC hosted the President of Skål International USA John Mavros and Vice President Tim Hemphill during September. Our Skålleague, Steve Richer, made excellent appointments for the visit and I joined them along with Barry Biggar (Chairman IPW 2017) when we visited US Travel Association to discuss opportunities for IPW 2017, which comes to Washington DC -June 3-7. Skål DC members will again come together as we will need volunteers during the IPW program to showcase Skål DC and the Skål International brand to a worldwide audience. More to come on IPW. 

We also visited American Hotels & Lodging Association and Destination Marketing Association International as well as ASTA which are  all major Tourism Industries HQ in Washington DC. This is a great opportunity to expand our reach with these organizations and increase awareness of Skål International and Skål DC and develop programs how we can work together.  


Board  Executive Committee Elections: 

The nomination for the 2017 Skål DC Officers position have been received and they are as follows;

Barry Biggar  Position of Treasurer 

Morgan Maravich  Position of Secretary 

Beverly Bentley Position of Secretary 

Andres Hayes Position of Vice President 

James Enright Position of President 

We currently have two members running for Secretary- you will be asked to vote for one.

We will send all members an Electronic Ballot on or about October 26th, where you will be asked to make your selection and respond. This is a secret ballot.

Skål DC Questionnaire: 

Skål EC Board members, Beverly Bentley and Don Evans, have prepared a questionnaire for you, our members, in an effort to identify those who may wish to get more involved in the leadership of the club. Currently, there are a relatively few members who are involved in the monthly operation of the Club and our goal is to expand that base. 

Skål DC membership has a wealth of knowledge, relationships and experience at its fingertips. The more of that experience that we can involve in the running of our club, the better we will be and this , in turn, benefits our members. 

The Questionnaire will help us as we try to expand the membership participation and base, which will bring about greater visibility to the Skål DC Club 


You will receive an email from Carol Betz, Exec Sec with the questionnaire embedded in an email that you can reply too accordingly. 

The above headings are hyperlinks to those particular pages on our web-site. For help on any of the above topics, please click on that wording, while online

From the Desk of our Executive Secretary..........Carol Betz


Our President, James Enright, and Secretary, Andres Hayes will be representing our club at the 2016 Word Congress in Monaco at the end of October.   This is an exceptional conference bringing together Skål members with club representation from around the world. It is astounding the magnitude of Skål which comes together at this annual event.  We wish them safe travels and look forward to hearing their report upon their return. 

2016 WHITE HOUSE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT SALE!   Once again, our club will be offering the White House Christmas Ornaments as a club fundraiser to help offset costs for some of our special events.  These ornaments make wonderful gifts for friends, family, and co-workers.  This year’s ornament celebrates the 20th anniversary of the book, Season’s Greetings from the White House  The centerpiece of the ornament is original art by Thomas William Jones, who was commissioned for the cover of the original book. T.W. Jones is an American artist who was chosen by President and Mrs. Reagan to paint four State Rooms in the White House to be reproduced on their official Christmas cards.   The ornament was beautifully hand crafted in the USA, using a polished brass base with a 24 karat finish.   Our special Skål Washington club member rate is $22 per ornament.   The order form will be sent in a separate email with ordering options on the Skal Washington website, www.skaldc.org.   Orders can be paid online via credit card or you can mail a check as listed.   Orders will be due by November 4 as we will plan to have them for distribution at the November 16 dinner.  * Any orders that require shipping will be charged additionally as follows:   $6 for up to 5 ornaments;   $10 for 6-10 ornaments.   Please start thinking about your order needs now to expedite the order processing and keep our costs down by ordering in advance of the holidays.  Thank you for your continued support of this fundraising effort by Skål Washington!

We are awaiting clarification on the 2017 Membership renewal dues.  Once advised by SI and SIUSA, we will post the dues information on the website and send an email notification that the 2017 dues are now accepted.  Payment can be made either online via credit card or you may also send payment by check.  Please watch your emails for this notice.  All 2017 dues payments must be received no later than December 31, 2016.   

Facebook  Sign up for Facebook social media accounts, to stay aware of Skål activities


Skål Washington members can keep up to date on Skål activities and opportunities by joining the relevent Skål Facebook sites. Each of these sites will provide information on various activities and programs in which you may be interested.


Here are the five sites and their links:


Skål Washington--Our club site. facebook.com/SkalWashington/


SIUSA Region 1--The Northeast region of Skål in the USA.  facebook.com/groups/546803928745080/


Skål International USA--National Skal news. facebook.com/groups/SKALUSA/?ref=br_tf


Skål International--Global Skål news.  facebook.com/skal.international/


Young Skål—Young Skål USA news. facebook.com/search/top/?q=young%20skal%20international%20usa



Enjoy these sources of Skål information!

Skål Event Reservations

As you now make reservations for future events online, please note that we’ve made some changes on our Reservations Page on the Website

First Line is now Member “Early Bird” Reservations, which is available only for the first two weeks of the month

Second Line is for Member Reservations after those first two weeks

Third Line is for Reservations made by Guests, and will be turned off on occasions that the event will be Members only

Fourth Line is for Young Skålleagues

If you have a Prospective Member whom you’d like to invite, please contact the Board Representative of that particular facet of our Club (Travel, Tourism, Hotel, Restaurant, Surface, Airlines, etc) and your guest may be eligible for a complimentary evening, as you show them the workings of our Club. The Board Representative will then check with the Membership Chair to ensure that the potential member qualifies; so please allow at least ten days before the event to get everything authorized!

This Month's Skål DC Event



River Cruise Dinner



Hosted by:

Dan Leaman, VP & General Manager 


     Debbie Morroni, Tourism Account Manager            

 Entertainment Cruises 

Open to all Members & Spouses

Free Parking

              Time & Location 16                     Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Reception 6:30 PM

Sailing 7:00 PM

Return 10.00 PM


Odyssey Cruises,

600 Water St, SW

Washington DC 20024


Phone: 202.488.6005

Free Parking at Odyssey Parking Lot

For More Information: 


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