9 photo(s) Updated on: March 28, 2016
  • Senior SIUSA Representative Bill Moyer welcomes our new Skålleague Shane Krige
  • Our new Skålleague Stuart Levy
  • Skålleagues and guests enjoying the Fairmont Washington's fayre!
  • Hanns Eckert and President James Enright have Johnny So cornered and bedazzled by their regalia
  • Celebrity Chef Huda with Josh Hedrington, Felicity Brown and Shane Krige
  • Randy Herron, Michelle Margot Alves, a visiting Skålleague from Chicago and President James!
  • New, Potential and "not-so-new" Skålleagues
  • Mostly smiles.......if only Jim Larson would pay attention to the camera:)!
  • Our happy gathering....tho' serious conversation between Stepan & Bill on some website logon issues!

Skål International,  Washington DC

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