12 photo(s) Updated on: November 29, 2016
  • President James and Young Skålleague Kathy Li
  • Matthew MacLaren with Bill Croke.
  • Skål to Zhien Yan, Randy Herron, Morgan Maravich and Carol Betz
  • Jim Sheats, Eva Ahrens, Benita Lubic,Bob Dye
  • Lucy Dailey, Konstantinos Georgiandis, Lynn Golden
  • Bill Croke and Randy Herron welcome guest Carla Portalanza of the Ecuadorian Embassy
  • Tom Fraher, Hugh Barton and Jim Larsen
  • Sam Mohammadi and Andres Hayes enjoyed the company of Paul Zalocha, of the Westin Georgetown
  • Sonia Montes de Oca with Ismail Uslu and Angie Clinton of the Westin Georgetown
  • Felicia Brown and guest Stephanie Jones
  • Beverley Bentley and Geormine Stanyard and guest Rhonda Blake
  • Susan Mabry, our host for a wonderful dinner, with Past President Hans Eckert and Mark Patel

Skål International,  Washington DC

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