12 photo(s) Updated on: February 26, 2016
  • Our President verifying that Ben Arndt, GM of STK Restaurant, has been welcomed!
  • Yohannes; thank you for all your support in helping Skål DC "twin" with Skål Addis Ababa!
  • Potential Young Skål making her case to Old Skål!!
  • Newly inducted member Josh Hedrington, Sales Director of AKA White House, saves a smile for the camera
  • Chris Thompson, President & CEO of Brand USA, getting close to our President!
  • Our President and Board welcome his Excellency, the Ambassador of Ethiopia.
  • Past Ownership and New Management of The Dupont Circle Hotel
  • More happy faces....tho' Jay isn't sure???
  • Ben Arndt had been just inducted to Skål, so he has good reason to smile:)
  • Nobody is listening to the President speaking.....all more interested in a photo-op!
  • Officers having a fun Skål evening!
  • Welcome to our Club Geormine Stanyard, CEO, DeGeor Services

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