11 photo(s) Updated on: August 30, 2016
  • Bob & Marta Vaughn and Hugh Barton, with President James
  • President James taking full advantage of the Skål Toast, to try-out the Skål Stein, that we just won in the Golf Match against Baltimore Skål!
  • Carol Bets with Andrea Francis and guests Tim Lane and Priscilla Deitrick
  • Beverly Bentley and Don Evans enjoy the Rooftop at The Beacon
  • Hanns Eckert, Beverly Bentley & Geormine Stanyard sampling the great Caribbean buffet lunch
  • Our Host, Hector Torres, relaxes with Andres Hayes, Andrea Francis and Don Evans
  • Bob Vaughn, his daughter Marta and Benita Lubic
  • Hugh Barton explains the facts of life to Barry Biggar
  • Quick, put the whiskey away, the camera is coming!
  • Steve Richer, Yohannes Zeleke (hidden) with guests Anjali Devani and Abbaba Ritta, with Gordon Stearns
  • Visiting Skålleagues from Christchurch New Zealand, Tori Lean and Chris Cameron collect the DC Skål International flag from President James Enright and Executive Secretary, Carol Betz

Skål International,  Washington DC

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