Steve Richer with prospective member Morayor Essieh from Corporate Council of Africa at the Skål International Washington DC luncheon on July 26th, 2017
Lisa Harris Induction
Enjoying a great meal...... while debating various bid-values??
Auctioneer Extraordinaire, Randy Herron and his able assistant, Morgan Marovich
Chris Thompson, Steve Richer, Guest Jack Johnson, DMAI , Andres Hayes and guest Chris Weiner, Washington Redskins
Bill Croke, with newly transferred Member, John Heather with Chris Seek.
Lucy Dailey and Lynn Golden
Chris Babb & Morgan Maravich enjoy a cocktail before dinner
Would you buy a car from any of this lot? Randy Herron, Eric Pittfield, Morgan Maravich, Hector Torres and Jay Haddock
Don Evans welcomes guest Monroe Harrison, Gaylords National Harbor
New Member, David Roubie checks the menu with Exec Sous Chef Garson Ramirez before eating!
Chris Thompson & Monroe Harrison
Guest Alison Taimanglo, Guide Service of Washington with member Roxana Rivera
Hans Eckert gives or gets advice from John Heather and Chris Seek
Andres Hayes with New member David Robbie, ,Tabard Inn, Eric Hotard and guest Chris Weiner, Washington Redskins
Bob Vaughn, John Stratton and Jim Larsen plot their bids for the Silent Auction
Steve Richer, Director of Communications & PR SKAL International USA with guest Lisa Barber-Hallaway, Claudia's Restaurant
New inductee Lisa Harris with Morgan Maravich, Randy Herron & Eric Pittfield
New Skålleague David Roubie with Andres Hayes, President James and Bill Moyer
President James welcomes Skålleague John Heather, whose transferring to us from sI Tampa. Bay With Chris Seek
Skål DC Treasurer Barry Biggar, CEO OF Visit Fairfax, welcomes Skål to Fairfax County
Tim Lane and his wife Liz, with past-president Eric Hotard
A Thorn between two Roses.........Sonia Montes de Oca and prospective member Deanne Kusmic, have Eric Hotard well in check!
Randy Herron with Baltimore Skålleague Katie Doherty, prospective member Sibylle Holzleitner and Past President, Bill Moyer
Officers All!! Treasurer Barry Biggar and Vice President Andres Hayes with President James.
Lisa Harris & Felicia Brown enjoy the evening
Past President Jim Larsen and Mark Carrier share a smile
Denny Lewis with President James
Past President Eric Hotard and Gerry Gabrys have the squeeze on Brian Kelleher, our host for the evening.....and it worked. Wonderful evening..thank you Brian!
Don Evans and Tim Lane
Ellie Turner with Eva Ahrens
Don Evans, Sam Nhairy and his guest Rebecca Lawrence.
Denny Lewis with Sibylle Holtzleiter
Charlie Perkins with President James
Benita Lubic with Lisa Harris and Prospective Member Kristin Karrfalt
Benita Lubic with Ellie Turner
Barbara and Hugh Barton with Past President Mary Peters

Skål International,  Washington DC

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