12 photo(s) Updated on: September 22, 2016
  • The reason for the season.....why its called a Lobster Fest!
  • Our Skål Scholars try their first Lobsters!
  • Our new Young Skålleagues (Skål Scholars all) Tina Aburish, Yang Zheng and Kathy Li, having been inducted to Skål by Bill Moyer and James Enright, with their sponsor, Bill Croke
  • Eagerly anticipating the Lobsters, Benita Lubic, Bob Vaughn and John Stratton
  • Prospective member, Tim Lane with Carol Betz and Lynn Golden
  • Young Skålleague Tina Aburish with Don and Norma Evans
  • Bill Moyer takes this Lobster eating seriously!
  • Yohannes Zeleke, with Chris Seek and Young Skålleague Jed Miciak
  • Rick & Cindy Wayland with Eric Hotard, who, once again, laid on the Lobsters. Thank you Eric!
  • Skål Scholars/ Young Skålleagues Yang Zheng, Kathy Li and Tina Aburish. We look forward to seeing a lot of them over the next year or so!
  • PJ Small, James Enright and Bill Croke, all alumni of Shannon College of Hotel Management in Ireland.
  • Nobody told Jim Deitsch, Eric Pittfield, Andres Hayes or Katie Doherty that they weren't supposed to have fun!

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