Join Skål Club of Washington DC

Membership to Washington SKÅL is subject to nomination by a current member and approval from SKÅL International.

Please reach out to our Membership Chair, Dave Roubie, or your specified Category Chairs if you have any prospective members. In order to properly monitor our membership and assist prospective members interested in joining Skål, we require that initial approval be submitted through our Membership Chair. The proposing member must advise Randy Herron, by phone or email, of the person’s name, position and company affiliation,  prior to attending a meeting. Typically, we suggest a minimum of one week’s notice due to varying travel schedules. Once approved for membership, the prospective member may attend; at least one meeting attendance is required prior to submitting an application.  


Applications must be filled out and submitted online: Application FormOnce you complete this form SKÅL International will send a copy to the membership chair, Dave Roubie at   as membership requires approval before acceptance. 


Please reach out to any of the Board or one of the Executive Committee for assistance with membership, if necessary. We continue to look for industry qualified members to join Skål International Washington, so please help in this, by introducing colleagues and tourism/hospitality professionals to our Club. 

The cost of yearly Membership is only $245.00 and a one time initiation fee of $225.00


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