19 photo(s) Updated on: May 26, 2017
  • Lisa Harris Induction
  • Enjoying a great meal...... while debating various bid-values??
  • Auctioneer Extraordinaire, Randy Herron and his able assistant, Morgan Marovich
  • Chris Thompson, Steve Richer, Guest Jack Johnson, DMAI , Andres Hayes and guest Chris Weiner, Washington Redskins
  • Bill Croke, with newly transferred Member, John Heather with Chris Seek.
  • Lucy Dailey and Lynn Golden
  • Chris Babb & Morgan Maravich enjoy a cocktail before dinner
  • Would you buy a car from any of this lot? Randy Herron, Eric Pittfield, Morgan Maravich, Hector Torres and Jay Haddock
  • Don Evans welcomes guest Monroe Harrison, Gaylords National Harbor
  • New Member, David Roubie checks the menu with Exec Sous Chef Garson Ramirez before eating!
  • Chris Thompson & Monroe Harrison
  • Guest Alison Taimanglo, Guide Service of Washington with member Roxana Rivera
  • Hans Eckert gives or gets advice from John Heather and Chris Seek
  • Andres Hayes with New member David Robbie, ,Tabard Inn, Eric Hotard and guest Chris Weiner, Washington Redskins
  • Bob Vaughn, John Stratton and Jim Larsen plot their bids for the Silent Auction
  • Steve Richer, Director of Communications & PR SKAL International USA with guest Lisa Barber-Hallaway, Claudia's Restaurant
  • New inductee Lisa Harris with Morgan Maravich, Randy Herron & Eric Pittfield
  • New Skålleague David Roubie with Andres Hayes, President James and Bill Moyer
  • President James welcomes Skålleague John Heather, whose transferring to us from sI Tampa. Bay With Chris Seek

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