17 photo(s) Updated on: May 02, 2017
  • Skål DC Treasurer Barry Biggar, CEO OF Visit Fairfax, welcomes Skål to Fairfax County
  • Tim Lane and his wife Liz, with past-president Eric Hotard
  • A Thorn between two Roses.........Sonia Montes de Oca and prospective member Deanne Kusmic, have Eric Hotard well in check!
  • Randy Herron with Baltimore Skålleague Katie Doherty, prospective member Sibylle Holzleitner and Past President, Bill Moyer
  • Officers All!! Treasurer Barry Biggar and Vice President Andres Hayes with President James.
  • Lisa Harris & Felicia Brown enjoy the evening
  • Past President Jim Larsen and Mark Carrier share a smile
  • Denny Lewis with President James
  • Past President Eric Hotard and Gerry Gabrys have the squeeze on Brian Kelleher, our host for the evening.....and it worked. Wonderful evening..thank you Brian!
  • Don Evans and Tim Lane
  • Ellie Turner with Eva Ahrens
  • Don Evans, Sam Nhairy and his guest Rebecca Lawrence.
  • Denny Lewis with Sibylle Holtzleiter
  • Charlie Perkins with President James
  • Benita Lubic with Lisa Harris and Prospective Member Kristin Karrfalt
  • Benita Lubic with Ellie Turner
  • Barbara and Hugh Barton with Past President Mary Peters

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