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Membership of Skål is open, by invitation only, to those persons currently occupying a post of responsibility in the Travel & Tourism industry for more than five years, without regard for Race, Sex or Religion.

SKÅL Websites

Skål International USA (SIUSA) website:

Member login is your email address; Password is skalusa123

Skål International website:

Skål Washington website:

Our Club website is a work in progress, as we are constantly adding to it. It has a direct link that allows you to register online for the monthly dinner/lunch/VHH meetings. 

Members access the website with their email address and their own personal password. To get your password, or if you've forgotten your existing one, click-on the "Forgot your Password" link and you'll get an email within a few minutes to help you through the process. 

As you review and complete your Member Profile, you have the opportunity of uploading your photo. Follow the instructions under the “Contact Information” section of the Profile form.

Members can only log in with the email address we have in our records so if you have any difficulty please contact Randy Herron and  he will clarify your log in and email address listed. 

Please take some time and look through the website… is becoming our principal means of communication, outside of our meetings! 

Update your profile information on our Skål DC website.

Click on your name in the top, left corner of the screen (above Home) and that will bring you to your profile.  You can update all your personal information there, adjust privacy settings, email preferences and please add a personal photo for the Directory by inserting it just above your address on the Profile page.

Event Registrations

Usually our Club Events are on the fourth Wednesday of each month and Registration opens on or about the first of that month. Go to Upcoming Events on the Website and click on the REGISTER button, which will bring you to the registration page. We ask for all reservations to be made by the Friday (2.00 pm) prior to the Event, but we can add SOME latecomers, but unfortunately at a higher rate. Even Late Bookings must be closed-off on the day prior to the Event (5.00 pm)

  • Visiting Skålleagues are welcome at our Skål Events , be they Lunch/Dinner/VHH. Register Online as a Guest and please introduce yourself as a visiting Skålleague.
  • Industry colleagues are welcome as Guests as invitees of one of our Members;  Register online as a Guest by clicking on the button beside the Guest rate.
  • Members click on the button beside the Member rate and after registering you'll be asked if you will be bringing a Guest. Complete the process accordingly. The Guest will be charged the Guest fee when attending Lunch/Dinner event
  • Young Skål; some process
  • Some Late Reservations are normally available, but will be charged a higher rate. 
We use AffiniPay for payment through our website. 
Its important to remember that YOU are charged NO FEES for using AffiniPay The Club does pay a small fee for the convenience.

Our Club Name

As we promote our Club, let’s remember to correctly identify ourselves as we speak; and spell our name properly as we type!

We are Skål International Washington DC


For those of you with Microsoft products on your desktops or laptops, it's quite simple to add Skål to your Auto Correct option on the Office program, which will cover Word, Outlook, Excel, One Note and PowerPoint.  

Copy the word “Skål” from here;  on any of the Microsoft Office programs go to 'File', 'Options', 'Mail', 'Spellings and Auto Correct', 'Auto Correct Options'. A Pop-up window appears and you’ll see side-by-side boxes in the middle of that window; paste it to the right-side box and on the left one type Skal. Click OK (a number of times) and every time in the future that you type those four letters as a word, they’ll automatically spell as Skål!


On Mac, to get the krouzek (the little ring) over the “a”, hold the Option key as you type the “a” and you’ll get “å”. I’m not sure if there’s a similar Auto Correct option on  MacMail. If someone wants to share that with me, I’ll gladly update this post.


Skål International,  Washington DC

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