15 photo(s) Updated on: October 29, 2016
  • On the Cruise, we had the pleasure of inducting Debbie Morroni of Entertainment Cruises as a Skålleague. Here with Carol Betz, her sponsor Don Evans, Senior Skål Rep Bill Moyer ans President James
  • Young Skålleagues Niamh Tallon and Tina Aburish with guest Dr. Abena Aidoo
  • President James with Chris Thompson, Don Evans and Tina Aburish. Tina drew the lucky ticket for Chris to win two field level Redskins' Tickets, which Don had donated.
  • Chris Thompson found that he was travelling on game day, so sportingly offered the tickets for re-drawing. Won by Hector Torres!
  • Chef Sebastian Lamerre with Wayna Wondwossen and Stuart Levy
  • Morgan Maravich with her guest Dr. Abena Aidoo and President James
  • Linda & Jack Mallinger with Bob Vaughn
  • Past Presidents Valerie Armbruster and Mary Peters
  • Past President Bill Moyer with Sam Mohammadi and his guest Rodney Mayes
  • Gerry & Lynne Gabrys with Rick and Cindy Wayland
  • Yan Zhien with guest Lu Li and President James
  • International Skålleagues Anjali Devani (Nairobi) and her guest Mohit Advani (Uganda) have President James surrounded!
  • All said "Cheese" while on their Appetizers!
  • More happy faces enjoying the wonderful dinner
  • Some pay attention to the camera......and some do not:(:(

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