7 photo(s) Updated on: June 27, 2016
  • Yes; some work was done also!!
  • Nigel Pilkington, Skål New Zealand, with Past President Martha McClintock, Jacksonville Skål and Pres. NAASC, John Mavros, Orange Coast Club and President of Skål International USA
  • Opening welcome
  • Fun at the Basque evening; check-out the size of the Paella Pan. Each two handles are for one person!
  • Bill Moyer, Sr. SIUSA Rep, with John May, our Boise Host. John’s father was a Hotel GM who worked with Bill Moyer 30 years ago; Bill hadn’t seen John in that long
  • Boise River
  • Bill Moyer Sr. SIUSA Rep., Holly Powers Boston Club and SIUSA Administrator John Mavros, Orange Coast Club and SIUSA 2016 President

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