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Fellow Skålleagues

A message from Skål International, Washington DC President, 

Andres Hayes

Dear Skålleagues,

We had a wonderful dinner at Sofitel in January despite the post-snow challenges; thank you all who attended.

Following our January Board meeting the following Category Chairs were proposed and accepted

Membership: Bill Croke               Programs: Bill Moyer & Eric Pittfield

Hotels: Don Evans                      Welfare: Bob Vaughn & Mary Peters

Surface: Chris Seek                          Travel Agents: Benita Lubic & Mary Peters                 

Tourist Attractions: Steve Richer Restaurants: Andres Hayes & Andrea Francis

Airlines: Barry Biggar                  Public Relations:  Hugh Barton & Morgan Maravich

Webmaster: Bill Croke

SIUSA            Senior Member: Bill Moyer

                   Junior Member: Jim Deutsch

Please take a moment to speak with your industry chair and make sure to connect with them with regard to your involvement in the club activities and any potential members you want to invite.

As you talk to potential members, let’s review what Skål is all about

What does Skål mean?

Skål is a greeting toast in the Scandinavian countries of Europe

S- Sharing our special tourism talents with others

K- Knowledge our members have of the tourism industry

A -Aid to others, through scholarships, charitable causes or financial assistance

L- Leadership, in that we are all leaders

Benefits of your Skål Membership

In these times of tight budgets, down-sizing and right sizing, those of us in the travel industry understand that most business is fostered through personal, one-on-one relationships. As a member of Skål, your membership provides you many contacts who are able to enhance your business, both here, in our region, as well as throughout the world.

Business Contacts- more than 16,000 tourism related member companies around the world to choose from

Networking- over 100 tourism professionals representing their travel-orientated companies in the Washington DC area attend and are active in monthly meetings and social events

Monthly Meetings- an opportunity to interact and socialize with local industry colleagues in one of the wonderful hotels/restaurant venues in the DC area each month.

Friendship & Comradery- develop new friends within the travel & tourism industry that can bring or recommend business.

Skål Database- your membership grants you access to over 16,000 members worldwide

Travelling- you have many opportunities to attend regional and national meetings and the Annual International Congress, offering special travel arrangements.

Membership advantages- as a Skålleague your membership in the association will be recognized in many ways as you travel. Reach out to your Skål colleagues worldwide.

Why should I join Skål?  Skål International is comprised of travel, tourism and transportation professionals around the world, with local and regional meetings and an annual congress, to meet industry colleagues to discuss industry best practices and develop business contacts and just as importantly, personal friendships.

Please let me know if you wish to be a Guest Speaker at our Skål Dinner meeting on February 24th. This year we’re offering the opportunity for one Member per month to give a short (no longer than five minutes….promise!!) overview of their career and their business. It's a great opportunity for all of us to get to know you and your business. So if you can’t do February 24th, maybe next month? Please let me know!

I look forward to seeing you at The Dupont Circle Hotel on Wednesday, February 24th

Skål  International, Application

Please complete the form, print and sign it and mail to Carol Betz.

The above headings are hyperlinks to those particular pages on our web-site. For help on any of the above topics, please click on that wording, while online

From the Desk of our Executive Secretary..........Carol Betz

This Month's Skål DC Event

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