March 2016

From our President, James Enright

To fellow Skålleagues everywhere…  

but particularly in DC.....

Dear Skålleagues,

We had a terrific evening at The Dupont Circle and a great turn-out considering the rain that was falling just as we were gathering. Kudos to Mark Roche-Garland’s team who put up a wonderful meal.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those Skål DC members who have served and are serving as officers and Executive Committee members, as your commitment to Skål International Washington DC is admired and appreciated. You are what makes Skål DC one of the largest and most successful Clubs within SIUSA.

I am now seeking volunteers to join one of our 2016 Action Committees as we need your help in shaping the future of the club and developing new leadership to carry on the legacy that has been established in Skål DC for 61 years.

Each Action committee will have a Chairperson and will meet as required depending on the committee and report back to the board on their progress. The monthly commitment should really only be 2 hours per month.


  • 1.    Club By-Laws
  • 2.    Young Skål to include
  • a.    University Hospitality Programs-Student Category
  • b.    Scholarships
  • c.    Interns
  • 3.    Ambassador Program to help new Inductees & Young Skål members take advantage of their membership in Skål and the benefits which are available to all members.
  • 4.    Auction- We need volunteers to solicit donations for our May 25th auction, which is Skål DC major fundraiser for the year
  • 5.    Guest Speakers- Select one or two current members to present each month
  • 6.    Twinning and Sister Committee as we expand our reach around the world

One of my goals for 2016, that I mentioned in my January newsletter, was to have every current Skål DC member nominate a qualified person to join as an active or as a Young Skål member. Please look within your work colleagues or business associates to find that person.

We are also looking at opening our website to Sponsors for local business. Please spread the word and let us know if you hear of anybody wishing to advertise on the Skål DC website.

Please respond to me or any members of the Executive Committee whose names are listed below under Board Contacts.

The above headings are hyperlinks to those particular pages on our web-site. For help on any of the above topics, please click on that wording, while online

From the Desk of our Executive Secretary..........Carol Betz

Membership Renewals! We had a very good response with our membership renewals overall, but we did lose a few members for various reasons. At the same time, we also added a few Young Skål members! We are always interested in adding new members so please consider any of the professionals, colleagues or vendors, that you work with and contact our Membership Chair, Bill Croke, with any questions on membership qualifications. We thank you for your membership renewal and continued support in Skål Washington!


Annual Auction – May 18th Skal Washington will again be hosting its Annual Auction Event and we are very pleased to once again have the Holiday Inn Capitol as our venue. Our club uses the funds raised from this event to support our annual charitable donations as well as offset special club events throughout the year. These funds also assist with the costs to have Skal Washington represented at the NAASC and Skal International Congresses. We welcome donation items such as hotel overnight stays in DC and around the country, local attraction packages, local sporting event tickets for the Redskins, Nationals, Capitals or Wizards, brunch and dinner certificates, airline and train tickets, international travel options, and always a winner; wine or liquor gift sets and basket of cheer! Of course, any travel or tourism related items are always a wonderful crowd pleaser! You will receive email reminders with the donation form and event details.

In addition, we would welcome the support of a few members to assist with contacting sponsors outside the club to assist with donations. Your support is greatly appreciated in making this a successful event!


Member Profiles - Please take a moment to visit our club website,, to clarify and update your profile. It is important to have all of your contact details current so other members can reach out to you when needed. Remember Skål is “Doing Business among Friends”! While you are in the website, you will surely find a lot of valuable Skål information! We have our member contact database, the monthly newsletter, upcoming meeting dates, new members and pictures from our past events! Please make a point to visit our Skål Washington website each week for any new information. Your feedback is important to us and we appreciate your input!


Young Skål

As a follow-up to my notes in last month’s Newsletter and the short talk at February’s Dinner, I’m delighted to report good interest and, dare I say, enthusiasm for the effort to establish a Young Skål division within our Club.

In concert with our President’s call for more member involvement in various Action Committees, as Chair of the Young Skål committee, I’m reaching-out to all of you to look within your own business and consider sponsoring a junior manager from your team to get him/her involved in the Skål movement. As this individual gets the opportunity of interacting, not only with our regular Skål Members, but also, and maybe even more importantly, other industry up-and-comers within Young Skål, it will help tremendously in their growth as a manager and as a Hospitality and Tourism Professional! To that effect, we all, as more “senior” Hospitality professionals, have the responsibility to nurture and mentor the next generation of our industry! It's our chance to “pay-forward”!

There are three categories within Young Skål:

(a) *Young Skål Student* is a student at an authorized, tourism, educational establishment which grants a degree or recognized diploma upon completion of studies. They must be a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 27 years of age.

(b) *Young Skål Professional* is a young professional training for or working in the industry. They must be a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 29 years of age.

(c) *Young Skål Associate* is a Young Skål Professional still training for or working in the industry after the age of 29 who does not yet qualify for Active membership may continue as Young Skål Associate member until the age of 35.

Our initial focus initially will be on categories (b) & (c), tho' that may change as we review opportunities. I’m in the process a assembling a Committee to help with the task of getting YS up and running. Please contact me if you're interested in helping.

At last month’s Board Meeting, we agreed this year’s Membership and Dinner rates for YS. Membership is set at $50 per year, with a once-off $50 Induction Fee; Regular Events will be $30 for YS members for 2016.

Bill Croke

Membership Chair.

Member  Updates and Regional News

Mark Roche-Garland and his wife Lauren, welcomed their baby son to the world last week. Both Mom and baby, Thomas Harrison, are doing well and its also reported that Mark is coping admirably!

Bob Vaughan continues to improve. He attended last week's Board Meeting but felt it better not to extend his first day-out to stay for dinner but in speaking to him this morning, he asked to be remembered to all of his Skålleagues and sends you all his thanks for your thoughts and prayers for him during his recovery. 

The Albany Skål Club is celebrating its 30th Anniversary  on Saturday April 30th with a Gala Dinner & Dance. or for details.

AND don’t forget our Skål friends in BALTIMORE!

Their meetings are the 3rd Thursday of each month just before ours, unless noted. Due to our close proximity, Washington and Baltimore members reciprocate so please try to visit with them when you have the opportunity.

*For Baltimore reservations or questions, contact Lynda Maxwell,, # 410-992-6656. Send reservations along with payment to Lynda Maxwell, Destinations, Inc., 4785 Dorsey Hall Drive, Suite 102, Ellicott City, MD 21042.

This Month's Skål DC Event

Wednesday, March 22nd


The Fairmont, Washington

Hosted by:

Shane Krige, General Manager


Members, Prospective Members and Invited Guests



Reception - 6:00 PM

Dinner - 7:00 PM

The Fairmont

2401 M St, NW

Washington, DC 20037

(202)  429-2400

Upcoming Meetings at a glance

Mark your Calendars today!

Skål Washington meetings take place the 4th Wednesday of each month. Occasionally, we may have to alter this schedule, but unless otherwise advised, please plan accordingly. July and August will typically offer luncheon meeting options, unless otherwise noted.

Skal meeting attendance is open to members and invited guests only.

**Members may invite qualified prospective members to attend any meetings once approved by our Membership Chair.

The schedule will note when meetings are open for guests or spouses. General rule, spouse designated meetings are May, September, and December only.

 Date  Theme Time Location
 April 27th Dinner Meeting 6.00pm Reception
 7.00pm Dinner
 Brand USA Offices
1725 I St NW # 8
Washington DC 20006
 May 18th
Please note, this has
changed from May 25th
 Charitable Fundraiser
 Auction & Dinner
 6.00pm Reception
 7.00pm Dinner
 Holiday Inn Capitol
550 C St SW, 
Washington DC 20024

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