June 2016

From our President, James Enright

To fellow Skålleagues everywhere…  

but particularly in DC.....

Look out for Skål DC Survey Monkey email next week!

In a perfect world, as President, I should know exactly what our members are thinking and could give you exactly what you want at all times. Unfortunately, things don’t quite work this way, so I have to use the tools I have available to find out more about our members and take action accordingly. All responses are anonymous and will be rolled-up into one report that will come to just me. The survey should take approximately ten minutes to complete! 

There are 5 reasons why I am sending out this survey to our Skål International Washington DC members and appreciate if you can respond accordingly. 

  1. 1.Get Feedback: I am asking you, our members, what you honestly think about your Skål DC club, your board, our services, events, etc. The responses we get will be invaluable to our club moving forward.
  2. 2.Set the Bar: Surveys allow us to look at our business model at this time. Benchmark how we are doing in different aspects of our club and make goals to improve or maintain for the next generation of leaders.
  3. 3.Evaluate the Competition: I know that many of you are members of other clubs/organizations and we are asking you to tell us what you enjoy about them. Doing this will make us more aware of the alternatives and how best to make changes, if necessary.
  4. 4.Learn New Ideas: Our members are our lifeblood and you are an untapped resource for the club. You are smart, creative, and likely have ideas that we haven’t thought of. Just imagine all the cool ideas we can get from the members that matter the most and know Skål DC the best.
  5. 5.Guide Informed Decisions: We will use the surveys to gather information that is helpful in making informed decisions for the Skål DC club. The feedback we receive from our members can guide us in making future decision both big and small to help Skål DC grow and prosper. 

I thank you in advance for completing the survey.

The above headings are hyperlinks to those particular pages on our web-site. For help on any of the above topics, please click on that wording, while online

From the Desk of our Executive Secretary..........Carol Betz

Our May Auction was another great success!  Our thanks to the Holiday Inn Capitol for hosting our event again this year, as their staff and chef did an outstanding job!  A special thank you to Andrea Francis who did very well keeping the night moving as our auctioneer!  We raised over $6,000 this year thanks to our members and friends.  Those members and organizations that donated to this year’s event are:

Eric Pittfield, Holiday Inn Capitol                       Shane Krige, Fairmont Hotel                        Sofitel, Lafayette Square Holiday Inn, Gaithersburg

Eric Hotard, ETS                                                      Sam Mohammadi, Lilli’s Restaurant

Josh Hedrington, AKA White House                  Rick Wayland, Guest Services

Donica Hance, Cherry Blossom Festival           Johnny So, Watergate Hotel

Patrick Birchall, Willard Intercontinental        Philip Wood, The Jefferson

Tyeisha Thaxton, Lansdowne Resort                Benita Lubic, Transeair Travel               

Odyssey Cruises                                                      Boundary Stone Public House

International Spy Museum            James Enright, HelmsBriscoe

Geormine Stanyard, DeGeor Services              Beverly Bentley, Bentley Travel

Felecia Brown, SuperShuttle                               Don Evans, Holiday Inn Central

Guido Adelfio, Bethesda Travel                          Sea Crest Beach Hotel                  

Harbor View Hotel                                                 Hotel Arundel Preserve   

Kirkley Hotel                                                            DuPont Circle Hotel

Paramount Hotel                                                   Best Western Plus BWI

Capitol Skyline Hotel                                             Bill Moyer, Donohoe Hotel Brokerage

Westin Las Vegas                                                   Carlyle DC

O’Callaghan Hotel                                                 London West Hollywood

Red Hen Restaurant                                              Rusty Scupper

Agora DC                                                                   

We thank everyone for their continued support with contributions to our auction event as well as those that attended and kept the bids going!  A great night was enjoyed by all!  Start planning now for next year!!


We continue to update and improve our Skal Washington website so we hope you will take a few moments to visit it!  We will periodically post information on the site and we add pictures from each month’s meeting.   While on the website, please check your profile to make sure your contact information and email is accurate!  This will allow fellow Skålleagues to contact you for business opportunities!  And please try to add your picture so members can get familiar with you!

Remember ………. Skål is Doing Business Among Friends!

Member Updates and Regional News

Golfers Get Ready

Baltimore Skål Club has challenged DC Skal to a Golf Match this summer. I need some  golfers to defend our pride against our colleagues to the north. The date is set for August 17th, as a precursor to Baltimore  Skal's  Crab Feast. Golf will be at Compass Point (http://www.compasspointegolf.com/)

All interested Golfers, please email  bill.croke@gmail.com

Skål Scholars Mentorship Program

As announced last month, we're launching the Pilot program of Skal Scholars this August. I've reached-out to a number of Skålleagues to be Industry Hosts and Mentors and I’ve heard back from most of you accepting and looking forward to the opportunity.

The Program is planned for a week in late August, (probably the week of August 22nd) during which the students will visit eight segments of our great Hospitality family, meet with their Mentors and write a paper on the different aspects of Hospitality that they’ve seen during the week.

The committee is made up of Niamh Tallon, Dupont Circle Hotel (Young Skål), Stuart Levy, George Washington University, Chris Seek, Solimar International and Bill Croke, Helvick Hospitality.

Thank you to those of you who’ve already responded and committed to being either a Mentor or as an Industry Host. 

Skål Budapest exchange flags with Skål DC

At a Reception at the Hungarian Ambassador's Residence , our DC Skål President, James Enright, exchanges club flags with Skålleagues from Budapest.

Agnes Drégley -Skål  Budapest member, James Enright President, DC SkålPéter Jávorkai- President of Skål  Budapest

Erika Nyŭl-Skål  Budapest member

This Month's Skål DC Event

Past President's Reception & Dinner at 

Phoenix Park Hotel

**Open to Members Guests**

Hosted by :

David Hill

General Manager

Time & Location:
Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

Reception 6:00 PM

Dinner 7:00 PM

   Phoenix Park Hotel 

   520 North Capitol St 
Washington DC 20001

 Phone:  (202) 638-6900


There's no parking at the hotel.   

Event parking available at Colonial Parking Garage in the Hall of States Building at 444 North Capitol St NW.  Enter on E Street NW between North Capitol St NW and New Jersey Ave NW.   Entrance directly across the street from the Hotel George.


Across the Street from Union Station Metro (Red Line)

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