July 2017

Fellow Skålleagues

A message from Skål International, Washington DC President, 

James J. Enright

I wish to thank all the Skål DC volunteers (Benita Lubic, Bill Croke, Sam Nhairy, Zhein Yan and Katie Docherty from Skål Baltimore) who participated in the Skål DC IPW show and helped cover the Skål table over 2 days.  Much gratitude to Andres Hayes, Barry Biggar and Steve Richer for all the work they put into the Skål participation at the IPW Show and dinner at Claudia’s Steakhouse. All I heard were great comments from visiting Skål members from Melbourne, Bucharest, Toronto, New York etc. It was a pleasure to have Holly Powers, President Skål International USA here for a few days to visit the show and meet with potential members. She was in capable hands with Steve and Andres.

Our thanks also to Roger Dow and Malcolm Smith at U.S. Travel Association for allowing Skål DC to have a prime location at the registration entrance.  The highlight of the event at Claudia’s was the arrival of Roger Dow and Chris Thompson with their teams. Their words of welcome and encouragement were very well received. We missed Skål DC member Elliott Ferguson on the night, but with 6,000 special guests in the city, we understood.  Thank you Roger, Chris, Elliott and your teams for showcasing our regions to the world. You did an awesome job with the IPW show.

Skål DC were well represented at the NASC Congress held in Toronto where Bill Moyer, Morgan Maravich and Steve Richer were in attendance with Morgan being the youngest voting member present. Thank you for representing your Skål DC club so well.

Another event was held on June 21st at the Army & Navy Club with our host and Past President Colonel Robert (Bob) Vaughn in charge.  Mr. Vaughn arranged a wonderful dinner in this lovely facility for our member and guests. Thank you Mr. Vaughn.

Skål DC member Sam Nhairy is organizing a Fam trip for US Skålleagues to Morocco (Dec 5-16). This is an opportunity not to be missed. You can contact Sam at morocco@moroccodestination.com or call 703 585 0454. Sam will lead the Fam trip.

I would encourage all members to read Skål DC member Chris Thompson, President & CEO Brand USA interview which took place at the recent IPW conference. Click on this link.



Happy July 4th to all our members and Skål DC friends.


Skål  International, Application

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From the Desk of our Executive Secretary..........Carol Betz

Our July event at the Army Navy County Club was specifically to recognize our Past Presidents.  We had 6 in attendance:  Joe Zarza 1995, Carol Betz 2005, Hanns Eckert 2006, Bob Vaughn 2008, Mary Peters 1012, and Bill Moyer 2014.   Thank you all for your contributions to the longevity of our club and your continued support.


With the wild fires and vast destruction in South Africa, the board voted and agreed to send a $300 donation for the relief and recovery efforts.  We had several members volunteer to match that amount at our July meeting and I would like to recognize those members.  Special thanks to Randy Herron, Bill Moyer, Sonia Montes de Oca, Beverly Bentley and a new prospective member, Dr. Ernest Brown.   Skål Washington will proudly contribute  $650 to the Skål South Africa relief fund. 


Please mark your calendars and plan to attend the Skål Baltimore Annual Crab Feast and Fundraiser scheduled for August 16.  This event is an All-U-Can-Eat crab feast with a fabulous Chesapeake Bay buffet in addition to crabs!  The event is at Kurtz’s Beach in Pasedena, MD.  Overnight accommodations are available for those interested.  And free parking at Kurtz’s Beach!  Guests are welcome so don’t miss this chance to visit with our Skål Baltimore friends and enjoy this great event!   

Recent Happenings of our DC Skålleagues

North American Skål Congress

Morgan Maravich, CTIS, CSTP, CTA

Friendship. One of the many things I learned at North American Skål Congress in Toronto. The festivities started with the parade of flags for the opening ceremony and introductions of Skål leaders. The attendees then listened to a great presentation on “Finding Your Best Destiny in Your Value Proposition” by Dr. Rich Schuttler. The take away from this talk was that everyone attends a tradeshow/convention with a return on investment in mind, but what is yours? Is it a new connection, a business transaction? Why are you there? One should always make the best of every opportunity presented.

That evening, all attendees were treated to an evening at Peller Estates Winery with a quick stop at Niagara Falls on the way. This was a wonderful networking opportunity for connecting with other clubs from across the country and Canada.  I was able to meet Skålleagues from Texas, California, Florida, and more. It was amazing to hear how their clubs are doing and what they do in comparison to our club. It was also amazing to hear their industry stories and how involved they have been for so many years. Meeting Carlos Banks from SI Ft. Lauderdale and Tom White, SI Orlando, who have really made their mark on Skål International USA was an honor and how they continue to work for the success of the clubs. They were honored at the AGM with a Member of Distinction award. Lastly, I was able to share the long bus ride with Dave Leck, from SI Forth Worth, who has been a Skål member for over 25 years. He shared some remarkable stories about his club and their members.

The next day was the Skål USA annual general meeting. The meeting included some housekeeping and voting on bylaw changes proposed by various clubs. Some of the proposed changes passed while others did not. It was interesting to hear and watch those that were for and against the changes. Overall, the voting flowed very smoothly and most found a consensus.

Skål International USA President Holly Powers and Skål International President David Fisher made announcements. They made an announcement about those with lapsed memberships and helping with fees. More to come on this after the official Skål International USA announcement. I would like to send a special thank you to them and the entire Skål USA executive team on their warm welcoming for my first NASC.

Skål International USA has released a new media kit and noted that through PR Newswire each club does get six press releases free of charge.

In the open forum, many ideas were exchanged between the delegates. In particular, Young Skål was a hot topic and whether or not it was worth the time and investment to grow this demographic. SI Washington shared with the group about our Skål Scholars program. John Mavros reiterated the success of our program. During this conversation, SI Fort Worth member, Dave Leck, called upon me to share my opinion as the youngest voting member in the room. I explained that I joined Skål for the connections and mentoring. That everyone in that room has knowledge and history about the industry that I don’t. They know what hotel was where, or who worked where when, what law was established and why. They are piece of the industry that I need to learn from and as I may have a different perspective, they have the foundation that have built the walls of this industry which is so important. Everyone person coming into this industry needs a mentor and not only that, they need a room full of them. That’s Skål, building those friendships and so much more.

Another topic of conversation was a membership flyer and the need for a standard version by Skål International USA. SI Washington mentioned that we had just created one for our club and would be happy to share with the group.

The delegates also discussed different ways to hold their events. Some have been going to baseball games (sporting events), hiring/bringing in speakers, doing joint club events, developing scholarships, and more. They are now also accepting credit cards as payment.

Lastly, SI Washington member, Steve Richer, Skål International USA’s Director of PR and Communications, gave a wonderful presentation on advocacy efforts, the meetings with NGOs, partnerships being made, presence at IPW, and getting the Addis club running (which was sponsored by our club), and now the Richmond club.

The night concluded with the gala dinner where we all came together for one final night of fun, toasts, and of course, happiness!

This Month's Skål DC Event