April 2016

From our President, James Enright

To fellow Skålleagues everywhere…  

but particularly in DC.....

The Invasion is here:

Millennials are ready to take over- Is Skål DC Ready?

In 2015, Millennials surpassed generation X as the largest share of the American Workforce. That’s one-in-three American Workers. At an age of transition from college to the working world, you can expect the millennial generation to grow even further in the near future. The Harvard Business Review predicts millennials will account for over half the employees in the world within the next four years.

The challenges for Skål DC and Skål International with the millennial growth is two-fold. First, we know that our attendee demographics are going to change as we grow Young Skål and the Internship program. Secondly, the probability that as an owner/manager you will be working with millennial on your team is highly likely. With these challenges in mind, it’s important to identify the characteristics of this generation in order to adapt how we conduct our business and also Skål DC business.

According to a recent study the four tenets of millennial are, technology rules, everything must be online, everything must be crowdsourced (peer recommendations, online reviews, etc.), and bottom line rules (for the lowest price).

These new rules present obstacles like keeping up with rapidly changing technology, competing with the shared economy and adapting to a new adult learning and networking styles in our Skål DC world.

Millennials value in-person connection, one-on-one time with specific key individuals in their industry. Millennials view wealth through their community, not their bank account.

There is a lot that can be learned from this new generation. Fortunately, one of the key characteristics of their generation is valuing mentorship and peer learning. This is where Young Skål  & Skål DC Internship program can play a part. We will take the opportunity to reach out to a millennial and build a mutual beneficial relationship and develop the leaders of Skål DC for the next generation.

Do you have a young colleague at work that could benefit from joining Young Skål? Would your company consider sponsoring their membership? For just $100 you could have one of your team, who’s under the age of twenty-nine and is in a management development role within your organization, join our Young Skål movement and be one of the 'corner stones' of Skål for the next generation!


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From the Desk of our Executive Secretary..........Carol Betz

SAVE THE DATE-  Annual Auction is May 18!!    We are very excited to again have the Holiday Inn Capitol as our venue; hosted by member, Eric Pittfield.    Again this year we are planning to offer both silent auction as well as a live auction based on our donations.  We welcome donation items such as hotel overnight stays in DC and around the country, local attraction packages, local sporting event tickets for the Redskins, Nationals, Caps or Wizards, brunch and dinner certificates, airline and train tickets, international travel options, and always of interest are the wine or liquor baskets of cheer!  Of course, any travel related items are always a great crowd pleaser!  Attached is the 2016 Auction letter and auction donation form which needs to be submitted to help organize the final listing and set up of the auction items.  This is our clubs primary fundraising event and the monies raised from this event will support our annual charitable organizations; the Florimond Volkaert Fund, Tourism Cares and the Joe Neary Memorial (previous Skål member) for the Little Sisters Carmel Piyuma orphanage.  

Your support is greatly appreciated AND NEEDED in making this a successful event!

Charitable Sponsorships of Skål Washington: 

Florimond Volkaert Fund-   The fund was set up in 1954, in the name of the acknowledged founder of Skål, to provide assistance to Skålleagues and their immediate families who are in serious need of assistance primarily as a result of catastrophic or unforeseen circumstances. http://www.skal.org/

Tourism Cares - Tourism Cares preserves and enhances the travel experience for future generations. We channel the philanthropic passion and commitment of the travel industry to protect and restore valuable destinations we all care about—and to support those destinations as engines for prosperity, civil society, and pride in their communities. Our domestic programs focus on industry-wide volunteer events, capacity building for the non-profit stewards of tourism sites, and scholarships and mentoring to support a talented workforce. Globally, our efforts include corporate social responsibility partnerships, strategic investments, and advocacy and education across the travel industry.  http://www.tourismcares.org

Joe Neary Memorial Charity / Carmel Piyuma Convent, Carmelite Sisters - The Joseph T. Neary Memorial Charity was founded in Colombo, Sri Lanka in November 1990 during the 51st International SKÅL Congress to provide for the relief from suffering for some of Colombo’s poor, inner-city children and to assist a small group of Apostolic Carmelite Sisters in providing nursery and pre-school day care facilities for these children from ages 4 months to five years.  The Carmelite Sisters now operate three project sites/homes for the children and are improving their livelihood and education opportunities.   http://www.skal.org/ 


VISIT SKÅL WHILE ON TRAVEL:  There are approximately 15,000 members in Skål International today located in 83 countries with 371 clubs.  Whether you are traveling nationwide or internationally, there is usually a Skål club you can contact.  If you need assistance with your personal travel or services for your groups, you may find a fellow Skål member to assist you.    If you are just in a city a few nights, look up the local club, contact them and attend their local meeting.  You may find it very beneficial to attend and meet fellow Skålleagues around the world.  And if the opportunity arises, please use your Skål contacts to better assist your clients or with your own personal travels……   Remember our Skål motto: “Doing Business Amongst Friends”.   

MEMBER PROFILES:  Please remember to update your personal member profile with any position or job changes as well as your contact information and head & shoulders photo.  Skål members use our website to locate service vendors for business, so keep it updated.  In addition, you should check the Skål International website,  www.skal.org, and make sure your contact information is current there as well.


Lorraine McKenna, Holland America and past DC Skål member, had surgery March 23 and is undergoing chemo treatments in NY.  Surgery went well, but she has a long recovery.  Please pray for her and if you would like to send cards, please send to :   

Ms. Lorraine McKenna-Hendricks; 401 E. 74th St.  #8G, New York, New York 10021

There will be a Memorial Mass for our past president Dick Knorpp at 10 am, Friday, May 13, 2016 at St. Mary's Catholic Church , 520 Viers Mill Road, Rockville , Maryland 20852.  

A reception is planned following mass.

Bob Vaughan's road to recovery is continuing and he again joined us for last month's Board Meeting, tho' like February, he didn't stay for our dinner. Bob's daughter is visiting from England this week  and his son is also arriving for a few days!. Bob is in great spirits as we all keep him in our thoughts and prayers!

This Month's Skål DC Event

Washington DC Skål members Chris Thompson, President & CEO Brand USA and Roger Dow, President & CEO of USTA ,look forward to hosting the club for an evening of fellowship and celebration of the travel and tourism industry, at the newly renovated headquarters for Brand USA.

It takes collaboration of great minds, great brands and great destinations to successfully grow international tourism to the USA.

The collective strength of over 1,200 member organizations, growing the 74 billion dollar industry

The travel and tourism industry is our nation’s #1 service export and 9% of all exports by the largest economy in the world. The travel and tourism industry is represented in Washington, D.C. advocacy by the U.S. Travel Association, for policy by the U.S. Department of Commerce and for marketing by The Corporation for Travel Promotion d.b.a. Brand USA.

The U.S. Travel Association is the national, non-profit organization representing all components of the travel industry that generates $2.1 trillion in economic output and supports 15 million jobs. U.S. Travel's mission is to increase travel to and within the United States.

Brand USA, the destination marketing organization for the United States, was established by the Travel Promotion Act in 2010 as the nation's first public-private partnership with our federal government to promote the United States as a premier travel destination and to communicate U.S. entry/exit policies and procedures to worldwide travelers. The organization's mission is to increase international visitation to the USA in order to fuel the U.S. economy and enhance the image of the United States worldwide.

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